Sharing testimony from our Kaikoura Lockwood owners – ReadyBuilt by Lockwood

Sharing testimony from our Kaikoura Lockwood owners

Lockwood has an unshakeable reputation when it comes to earthquake performance. Reflecting on the recent memorial events around Christchurch, and fresh quake activity around our shaky isles, we felt it was timely to share some of the experiences from our Lockwood home owners based in Kaikoura.

On touching base with our existing Lockwood owners to see how their families and their homes fared, we were once again pleased to hear our renowned building system stood strong and families were kept safe and secure.

Lockwood homes have been laboratory tested by subjecting them to 22 simulated earthquakes up to 7.0 on the Richter scale, over a six week period. They came through completely undamaged, with windows opening freely and all glass remaining intact.

These tests also showed exterior walls can withstand more than 12 tonnes of sideways pressure from winds and earthquakes.

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