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Why ReadyBuilt by Lockwood?

Lockwood’s ReadyBuilt range offers premium, low maintenance homes constructed in a controlled environment with all the benefits of the Lockwood building system, transported to your site.

Design and innovation

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When you build a ReadyBuilt home, you are joining the Lockwood family. From the designers and engineers creating the plans, to the skilled craftspeople producing the components and building your home in our factories, everyone has the same strong sense of pride and commitment in the outcome of your new home. Learn about Our System


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‘People are paying for a quality product and so we go that extra step with everything we do. I love my job; I’m proud that I’m crafting something that stands the test of time and I’ll be able to show my kids. We’re not just building a house, we’re building a home.’ View more Craftsmanship videos

Eco-smart homes

Lockwood homes are built from radiata pine which is a sustainably sourced solid wood and is a natural, renewable, biodegradable product. Wood is the earth’s most renewable raw material so building with it is vital in the fight against climate change. The more solid wood we use, the more carbon that is stored. The more trees that are grown, the more oxygen is released into the atmosphere, and the better off our world will be. Lockwood homes are durable, strong, ventilated, warm and dry – so they create healthy living environments for you and your family, for good. Read more

The history of Lockwood Homes

Founded in 1951 by Johannes La Grouw Snr and Johannes Van Loghem with the idea of utilising New Zealand Radiata Pine in an innovative and distinctive engineered building system, Lockwood Homes is a proud family owned business that has become an iconic Kiwi brand. Read more about the history of Lockwood

ReadyBuilt Home Designs

Premium pre-built homes, transported to your site


The Process

Decide on your ReadyBuilt Plan

The journey to your ReadyBuilt home starts with a visit to our showhomes and a discussion around which plan best suits your lifestyle and site. Once the decision has been made, the journey begins to make the home your own.

Working with your site

We will look at all the information available for your site and arrange a site visit if required. This gives us the chance to identify any possible challenges and if anything arises we will advise you accordingly. Site specific consents will also need to be arranged at this stage. We can leave this process to you, or talk to us about service options to obtain site consents on your behalf.

Finalising your choices

There are many choices available to customise your home. At this point we will discuss your personal preferences and upgrade options including joinery and cladding, roof colour, bathroom and kitchen fit out specifications and upgrades. These decisions need to be made prior to placing an order to ensure a smooth and timely build.

Placing an order

Once you have decided on the colours and fit out of the home, you will sign the contract and pay a deposit. The unique Lockwood manufacturing process begins and you will be invited to visit our manufacturing facilities to see your home being produced by our passionate team of craftspeople.


After the components have been manufactured, the construction process begins. Because your home is built under cover in the Lockwood yard, there are minimal delays. We will arrange times for you to visit the build or provide progress photos so you can see your home take shape.


As the final fit out of your home nears completion, delivery dates are agreed and set. We can assist with arranging transport and insurance, or leave this to you.

Quality Assurance Check

After the home has been transported to your site, a Lockwood construction specialist will arrange a visit to check the home has been sited correctly and it meets our strict quality control standards.

What we do. For good.

Our Accreditation

Our CodeMark accreditation gives you the ultimate peace of mind that the Lockwood building system not only has a stellar reputation, but that it is now recognised by law and is independently monitored.

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Our System

ReadyBuilt homes use Lockwood’s unique and exclusive system, locking solid laminated timber planks and patented aluminium profiles together to create a strong, versatile structure.

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Our Planet

Find out why choosing a ReadyBuilt home is an eco-smart choice for the environment and for your family.

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