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Is sub-dividing right for your property?

A feasibility report can help you make an informed decision

If you are keen to explore the opportunities presented with sub-dividing your land, a feasibility study can help you gauge the risk and reward potential. It is always a good idea to have done some due diligence before spending large sums of money ensuring that your sub-division project is viable as possible, given that every project is unique. In many cases, land development consultants offering land surveying and site services are quite happy to absorb the cost of the report into the cost of sub-dividing, should you proceed with them.

Some good reasons to consider a feasibility study include:

If you are not in the building business, the legal red tape around sub-dividing or land development can be somewhat overwhelming. If you are not comfortable or unsure of what to ask it might be better to leave it to service providers who have good relationships with local Councils and other professional service providers. Our team can assist with professional advice and guidance.

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