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Thinking of Downsizing?

Choosing to live simpler doesn’t mean you need to downsize your life. If you have been living in a larger home, it is a daunting task to think about how to get from where you are now to living comfortably in a much smaller space. Smaller homes which have been intelligently designed offer the benefit of less time cleaning and maintaining, are cosy, easy to manage and cheaper to run.

It is a good idea to start with an assessment of your actual needs moving forward. Evaluate what you have and what you really need. We do tend to pack away and store items for “if, when and maybe” they might be needed. In most cases, they never see the light of day again.

Buy plastic bins and storage boxes and mark them clearly. Only fill them with items you use regularly. It will also be easier to place them where they need to be when you move into your new home. If you are keeping essential pieces of furniture, measure them up to ensure that they will fit.

There are many ways to create additional storage in a small home such as utilising the area under the stairs, going vertical with narrow wall shelves or using open shelves as room dividers. Consider flexi-rooms where one room can have many different uses.

There are a number of bed bases on the market that feature clever storage drawer areas in them. Bunk beds with storage areas built in are also a good solution for spare bedrooms. Another clever idea is to build-in a study nook to create a working space or a home office area.

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