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Accreditation FAQs

What is CodeMark certification in simple terms?

It is a certification status whereby a government approved agency has endorsed our complete wall system throughout the manufacturing and construction process. This CodeMark certification is recognised under New Zealand Building Act. The certification is constantly reviewed in order to ensure compliance is maintained.

Does a builder need to be licensed in order to build a Lockwood home that meets CodeMark conditions?

The building contractor will be required to be licensed to carry out any building work that requires a building consent which includes a Lockwood CodeMark certificate as part of the building consent documentation.

How did Lockwood get CodeMark certification?

Lockwood completed a rigorous inspection process regarding our raw materials, factory operations and building site operations, to prove compliance with the stringent requirements of CodeMark certification. Our proven performance and historical data gathered over our long history was also provided to the CodeMark certification body.

Do I need to do anything?

No, Lockwood has done everything to earn the CodeMark and has both a number and certificate as proof of compliance.

How much could it save me?

Not directly, but the additional benefits of using an independently certified and monitored product come at no additional cost to you. The real saving on a Lockwood building however is its longevity, energy efficiency and the health benefits of a natural product and the low maintenance of our homes.

CodeMark is your assurance that everything that is claimed about our homes is independently certified by a recognised accreditation body.

I hear it makes getting a building consent quicker – is this true and how much time does it save?

It simplifies the consent process for the Lockwood part of the building consent, but ultimately the timing is regulated by the Local Authorities.

Why did Lockwood pursue CodeMark certification?

Although Lockwood has an enviable record of success in the international and domestic New Zealand markets, in all weather conditions, including extreme events like earthquakes and cyclones, we felt it necessary to have our system independently certified. This is for the additional peace of mind and assurance of our future customers as well as our existing Lockwood owners. We also believe this certification sets us at a standard above conventional building methods.

What does CodeMark certification mean for me as a home builder?

It means you have the ultimate peace of mind that the Lockwood building system not only has a stellar reputation, but is now recognised by law and is independently monitored.